Fast implementation of GDPR compliance

Unique, proprietary program enabling to reach quickly the compliance of procedures and processes with the requirements of GDPR.

Standard 2-days workshop

… because 2 days is just enough for most organizations!

Extended support program

Including legal and cyber security assesment!

Low Cost

The program is oriented to engage your own resources to adopt and use the best practices and optimal solutions.


The PREFARO methodology is aimed at fast and effective adaptation of business processes to changing external conditions – including both determinants flowing from changes in the market environment and the implementation of new organizational or legal requirements. PREFARO is particularly applicable in small and medium-sized organizations, which are rarely organisationally and financially prepared for quick adaptation to new requirements, but at the same time, due to the lower degree of process complexity, are capable of quickly reorganizing their own structures, processes, and procedures.

AIA - Analysis
PAGA - Diagnosis
EVA / REVA / DPIA - Adjustment
IATA - Implementation
Available consultants
2-day Standard Program
Full scope consultancy (days)
Full customer satisfaction


  • Parameterized, targeted process and procedural analysis (AIA – „AS-IS” Analysis)
  • Assessment of discrepancies between key elements and procedural deficiencies in relation to the required patterns (PAGA – Key Factors Assessment & Pattern Gap Analysis)
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of process documentation (EVA – Evidence Validation & Audit)
  • Legal compliance assessment – global markets
  • Relevant Cyber-Security assessment
  • Risk Level Evaluation (REVA) and DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  • Developing guidelines and recommendations for implementing optimized processes and procedures (OGR – Optimized Processing Guidelines & Recommendations) and/or TOM – Target Operating Model
  • Implementation, assistance and training for management and employees (IATA – Implementation, Assistance, Training & Activation)

The GDPR / RODO Directive is an example of just such legal regulations, whose normative generality allows, on the one hand, a flexible approach to their implementation, and on the other hand, quite restrictively defines possible violations of these generally defined standards.

Compliance with the GDPR based on PREFARO is a reasonable and optimal choice:

  • does not entail significant operating costs
  • does not significantly involve the company’s staff in the creation of new process and / or logistic solutions
  • allows a flexible and planned approach to the implementation of the RODO requirements