The newest CNC 3-axis controller

For one of our major custormers we have succesfully delivered and installed the latest model of CNC 3-axis controller including a complete set of peripherals.

The project was realized in cooperation with Shenzen Guanhong Automation Co.

Key Features

SZGH-CNC1000TDb-3 is standard series 3 axis Lathe and turnning CNC controller, with 8.4 inches displayer (800×600) ,2 analog spindle ,2ms interpolation in high speed, support ATC , PLC and macro function. which obviously improve the efficiency,precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,it shupports the file operation and program running in flash disk.


CNC lathe machinery; lathe center; wood working machine; numerically control grinder; MTDC applied to engraving CNC machine.


1) 800×600 8.4 inchs real color LCD displayer.

2) Support PLC and macro function, and automatic tool exchange function.

3) 128MB Memory , 100Mb user store room.

4) 5MHz Pulse Output Frequency, Max speed is 300m/min, feeding speed is 150m/min.

5) Adapted servo spindle can realize spindle continous position,rigid tapping,rigid screw processing.

6) High anti-jamming switch power(220VAC -> 24V&5VDC).

7) Built-in many plc programs,which can be edited freely.

8) With USB interface,it supports file operation in flash disk,system configuration and software upgrade.

9) Display in chinese or english,which can be selected by parameter.

10) Analog voltage output of 0~10V in two channels,support double spindles.

11) 32 bits high performance, low power consumption industrial grade ARM11 microprocessor.

12) I/Os : 56*32, 40*32 I/Os can be edited freely.

13) cutter offset : C.

14) English menu, program and interface, full screen edition.


The project was conducted by the team of CNC and industrial automation engineers.

IDGEN provides the team of highly qualified CNC engineers and technicians.

The team have checked, installed, configured all hardware items and integrated the new stuff with the old machine gear.

The upgrade was done completely within 10 days, including testing and final examination.

Concept Development
Testing, Launch
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Modernization of the machine park is a challenge for many manufacturing companies.
Thanks to its own direct contacts in the Chinese market, IDGEN is able to provide a delivery of very good quality and competitively priced hardware solutions.
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