Direct B2B and B2C communication

INTRAMACS – Interactive Trade Marketing Communication System – the new way of direct marketing communication established ad-hoc, when needed, directly between consumers and producers of consumer goods in the real time!

Omnichannel content distribution

Marketing content is distributed parallely via:

  • WWW
  • Mobile devices
  • IP TV
  • Shop TV
  • ISA – In Store Active terminals

Cost effectiveness

A unique business model makes INTRAMACS available for all market players – no matter how big or small they are …

Outstanding Customer Experience

INTRAMACS moves Customer Experience to the next level.XXI Century, digital solution changes the purchase mode and convert it to the interactive game where all players will be winners!


The original idea was proposed by Andrzej Fijalkowski.

The concept has been reworked by interdisciplinary team of engineers and specialists:

  • software engineers and developers (C#, Java, PHP)
  • hardware specialists (commercial electronics. optics, mechatronics)
  • marketing experts and consumer behavior analysts
  • business development manager
  • retail experts
Software Design
Technical Design
Solution Variants
Development Days
Specialist & Experts
Prototypes Done


INTRAMACS introduces a completely new approach to modern Trade Marketing communication.

Thank to digitalization of key business processes and huge technology development INTRAMACS offers a completely unique operational mode enabling the real-time communication sessions between consumers and producers – just in the purchasing decision moments!

There are a number of reasons to implement such an solutions, and one of the main drivers is changing consumer habits and the rise of digital technology. To meet to these changes, retailers must digitally transform their business – IDGEN Team is ready to support retailers with INTRAMACS!

Key Features:

  • Multiplatform
  • Available 24/7
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advertising cost optimization
  • Converting passive Digital Signage into fully interactive media